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The Next Generation of Employer Brand Leaders

25-second read (+watch the video: 1:06)

Early and mid-stage startups, hire a marketer to lead Employer Branding.

Someone who understands:

  • The data that truly matters to your business
  • How to sell ideas internally
  • Candidate personas + where each spends time online
  • Social media + channel-specific content
  • Copywriting and storytelling
  • How to leverage internal creative resources
  • How to work with vendors to fill strategy and content gaps
  • How to build a legit recruitment marketing team

And most importantly, someone who knows how to be scrappy AF on a shoestring budget.

There are A LOT of really smart marketers dying to move into employer branding. Find one to lead this for you.

Employer branding can no longer fall on the lap of your Head of Talent (or Recruiting Ops, or Head of People) if you plan to take this stuff seriously and have an impact.

An EB leader is the CMO of your People org.

Some things they do are designed to build brand. Some things are designed to generate leads.

All are designed to convert qualified people into new hires.

That’s why you need a marketer in this role to build things out the right way.

Side note: They have a shared interest with your CMO: getting people to like your company.

You probably want them working together ASAP.