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Move These Up on Your Priority List

Talent leaders––move these up on your priority list:

  1. Update all job descriptions to be COVID relevant.
  2. Create a robust candidate FAQ.

If you’ve already done this, kudos. You can move on with your day.

If not, here’s your cheat sheet to help make this process go much faster:

  1. Use the accompanying document as your framework.

    • This tells you everything candidates care about. This list is very different from the information most companies provide. We’ve done a lot of research with candidates to get this data. Run with it.

  1. Update all job descriptions to reflect this information.

    • Go hard on transparency

    • So long as JD’s are still a thing, you have to see them as advertisements for not just the role, but also for the team and company.

  1. Create a candidate FAQ blog post answering all these questions.

    • This should live on your careers site and also be sent to candidates at the top of the funnel.

Doing these two things can significantly improve your brand image and candidate experience.

Looking for inspiration? Here’s an example of our own job description and candidate FAQ.