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My Two Cents on LinkedIn Organic Growth

There’s a flurry of “how to grow your audience on LinkedIn” content flying around these days.

Here is my two cents on LinkedIn organic growth (keyword: organic):

1. Post.

  • A lot. For a long time.

2. Detach from engagement numbers.

  • They don’t matter. Caring about likes, comments, and follower count = distractions.

3. Reply to your comments.

  • Trust me, you’re not too big for this––you’re not Instafamous. (But apparently, some think they are.)

4. Realize that LinkedIn is not real life.

  • Your job, business, and family are. Social is a filtered version of reality––yours and theirs. A Like doesn’t mean that someone actually likes you. And poor engagement doesn’t mean that they don’t. Perspective, people.

5. Ignore, unfollow, and/or block anyone who posts about “growing your personal brand” on LinkedIn.

  • They’re not in it for you––and likely part of #6.

6. Do not join an engagement pod.

  • This is the fastest way to a) get blackballed by the OG’s on this platform, and b) build a worthless, hollow audience of numbers, not carers.

Lastly, if your business is dependent on LinkedIn, you’re screwed. LinkedIn is simply a distribution channel.

There you have it.

No guides, coaches, or courses needed.