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One link to rule them all

Let’s get super tactical.

If you have content that is hard to find because it’s spread out all over who knows where, browsing candidates are going to miss a lot.

We suggest creating a single link, aka a “nutshell doc,” that links to everything a candidate might find useful.

Think of this as “One link to rule them all.”

We recommend using a Google Doc.

  • In our experience, when a candidate sees we’re sharing a Google Doc, they will expect private and/or custom information leading to higher response rates compared to sharing a link to a website or PDF.

Alternately, you could create a public version with less detail that might look something like this post on Job Portraits’ blog.

Option: To meet more granular needs, you could create multiple versions.

  • For example, you could do one for product/engineering candidates, a 2nd version just for exec candidates, and a 3rd version for sales, etc.

How to use it:

  • Recruiters link to it in personalized outbound messages to candidates
  • Host this on your careers site

Our hypothesis is that if you give candidates the information they want up-front, they will either:

A) self-select out and not waste their time (or yours), or

B) appreciate your transparency, like what they read, and show up to screening calls informed and excited.

Hope this is helpful. Ping me if you have any questions. Always happy to talk through this with you.