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Positioning the value of employer branding content

Here’s a simple framework + language to help position the value of employer branding content through education, context, and setting expectations.

This will help you gain internal support from leadership and set you up for success.


  • Our employer brand exists regardless of what we do.
  • Content, and the level of creativity, relevance, and truth we put into it, is our attempt to influence our brand perception.


  • Content is a critical component of our brand marketing and defines the brand in the eyes of the candidate before they apply.
  • Content serves as a filter to increase quality and recruiting efficiency.

Setting expectations:

  • This takes resources in the form of people, time, and money.
  • We can’t take short cuts. If we do, it will hurt our reputation as an employer.
  • It takes time to see an ROI. Likely 6-18 months. (Don’t sugarcoat anything)
  • We will run experiments to test what works before investing in larger projects.
  • We will report back with clear metrics that influence both department and business goals.

Put your sales hat on and position the “why”. Then simplify, educate, and measure.

This is your quickest path to getting initial buy-in.