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Product, Audience, and Outcome: Making Employer Branding Understandable

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Employer brand leaders –– Cut the fluff.

Communicate in terms of product, audience, and outcome.

That’s how you get people to understand what you do and why it matters.

Because outside of the bubble, this is how Employer Branding is seen:

“So you’re basically marketing your company to job candidates to hire people, right?”

That’s how you have to present it.

Here’s why:

  • “Company” is a clearly defined product.
  • “Job candidates” are a clearly defined audience.
  • “Hire” is a clearly defined outcome.

All of which are universally understood.

Simple. Clear. Tangible

This is where Employer Branding needs to get to––the place where everyone knows what it is and why companies invest in it.

And it all starts with helping people understand in a way that’s relatable and familiar.

Do this successfully and you’ll be able to elevate this industry (and your role) to a level where budgets, resources, and buy-in are no longer about “what if”. They’re about “how much”.

P.S. “Outside of the EB bubble” includes everyone from the senior leaders at your company and your fellow employees, to your relatives at Thanksgiving dinner ;)