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Product Led Growth Applied to Recruiting

Startups––look at the Product Led Growth (PLG) model and apply it to your recruiting strategy.

In this case, culture is your product and employees are your users.


  • Lead with product.
  • Create a frictionless UX.
  • Let your product and users do your selling for you.
  • Focus on the user. If they love your product, they will recruit others to use it too.
  • Bottom-up growth model = much more natural expansion in your accounts.
  • “De-labors” sales and marketing.
  • Sales become more AM/CS in helping users move to paid services.


  • Lead with culture. Specifically team culture.
  • Create a frictionless employee experience.
  • Let your culture and employees do your selling. Support them with strategic content deliverables.
  • Be employee obsessed. If they love the experience, they will tell their friends (aka, other smart people like them).
  • Bottom-up growth model = employees drive the expansion and are active talent partners.
  • Enables your recruiters to be consultants, not order takers.

PLG is the most powerful adoption model in business because it lets your product and users sell for you.

Flip the script and allow your culture, content, and employees to power your recruiting.