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Qualitative Data Tells The Real Story

Qualitative Data Tells The Real Story

If you lead employer branding at a high-growth startup and want to measure the impact of your work, the single best thing you can do is source qualitative data from your recruiters.

Because candidates are telling your recruiters which content they read, what path they took to apply, and what their perception of the brand is.

Qualitative data holds the ROI.

It’s telling the real story––where feeling and action meet.

Start here: Schedule a recurring feedback meeting with your recruiting team.

This is how you will know what to do more of, what to stop doing, and how to truly measure attribution.

Hint: It’s likely not what you’re currently creating and tracking.

You can’t track this with software.

Your ATS is useless for measuring brand sentiment and attribution.

You have to go old school and talk to the people on the front lines.

Don’t overlook this.

This is where the gold is at.

And the way to surface this data is through regular conversations with your recruiters.

P.S. James and I are back at it again this week. A new edition of the Employer Content Show will go Live on Wednesday 9/16 at 11 am PT.

Episode 3 - "Broad Topics or Narrow Focus?"

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