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Recruiters are your best marketing channel

Talent leaders––empower your recruiters to be brand marketers.

Your recruiters are your best marketing channel. Yet most are still operating like transactional salespeople.

Once you start seeing recruiters as your most direct marketing channel, execution at scale opens up.

Here’s a high-level of what this can look like from a process standpoint:

  1. Create a foundational set of evergreen content.
  2. Equip your recruiters with both long and short-form assets to share across the internet.
  3. Let your recruiters build personal brands and create owned-content.
  4. Focus on relationships over conversions.

It’s not your recruiter’s job to convince candidates that your company is where they need to be.

It’s their job to help candidates convince themselves.

I get it, senior leadership expects closes. And you need to protect your job.

But in most cases, your outbound recruitment model is highly inefficient at best––broken at worst.

It’s time to embrace brand marketing as a serious recruiting initiative.

This isn’t short term vs. long term thinking.

It’s understanding market behavior instead of staying in a comfort zone that’s built on past assumptions.