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Recruiters: A Way to Monetize Your Candidate Pipelines

Our motivation for developing People You Can Hire is largely driven by a desire to give recruiters a way to monetize their candidate pipelines.

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This is for external recruiters (independent, agency, executive).

Last week we launched People You Can Hire. Giving external recruiters a way to monetize their candidate pipelines was the primary motivation for developing this product.

The value props are simple:

  • We help you monetize the candidates you don’t place with your retained clients.
  • List your candidates in any of our niche newsletters and gain access to dozens of hiring managers and TA leaders.

You know the scenario: You have a fantastic candidate (or five) that your client declines for a dumb reason. You worked like hell to build the relationship—now what?

These newsletters are marketing channels for those candidates.

We created this Recruiter FAQ to answer most of your questions.

If you’re interested in listing candidates in one (or several) newsletters, I’d love to chat. You can schedule time here.


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