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Recruiting Software Engineers? Here’s a Simple Cheat Sheet for Creating Content.

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Recruiting software engineers? Here’s a simple cheat sheet for creating content:

What engineers want (general overview):

  • Back to basics: Work-life balance over comp. (Money still matters though.)
  • Transparency with compensation upfront.
  • Remote work.
  • To build a cool product that people touch all the time. (If yours isn’t this, sell the “why” behind the vision.)
  • Creative runway.

Junior-level engineers:

  • The cool factor of the product matters more.
  • They want to learn, learn, learn.
  • They want to gain experience in order to level up in a role at their next company in 2-3yrs. (Let’s face reality here.)

Senior-level engineers:

  • How is the team I’m joining structured?
  • How does the team I’m joining work together?
  • Who’s the manager? Are they good? How do they think about the problems they’re solving?
  • What will be my impact and responsibility?

Consider this your foundation––the place you design from.

Package this information for outbound recruiting messages, your careers site, video on social media, and job ads.

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