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Register for Employer Branding Show-and-Tell

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The disconnect between Talent Acquisition and Marketing is not just hurting recruiting, it’s impacting revenue.

Wait, what?

Think about it: Your product, your growth, your customer’s success, your customer retention, your ability to drive all the things that equal dollars for your company are dependent on having the right people who are bought in, aligned, and willing to stay.

And it’s your TA team who finds that talent and sells them so they can bring this all to life.

Yeah, that’s really important work.

But in order to gain an advantage in competitive talent markets, they can’t do this alone.

And on tomorrow’s Employer Branding Show-and-Tell, we’ll be discussing how Talent and Marketing teams can partner to achieve some big goals.

Guest: Eryn McHugh, Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition at Kobie Marketing

Topic: Relieving the Tension Between Marketing and Recruiting

When: Tomorrow –– April, 29th at 2 pm PST

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