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Reminder: Employer Branding Show-And-Tell Kicks Off Tomorrow

Reminder: Employer Branding Show-And-Tell Kicks Off Tomorrow

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Reminder: Our new series, Employer Branding Show-and-Tell, launches tomorrow.

(Can’t make it? No worries. Register and we’ll send you the recording.)

These are short, 30-minute peer conversations designed to skip the fluff and get straight to the good stuff: scopes, tactics, and results.

When: March 4th at 2 pm PST

Topic: Making the Shift to Brand-Led Recruiting

Guest: Nicole Parish – Global Talent Attraction Lead at Qualtrics

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We’ll be diving into the Attraction Skills Training program that Qualtrics is creating for their recruiters.

Come learn about:

  • How to keep the engagement meter high from awareness through the candidate experience.
  • How recruiters can better understand content and become active creative partners.
  • Understanding personas.
  • How recruiters leverage their content library.
  • Relying on recruiter feedback to fill content gaps.
  • Empowering recruiters to build personal brands their own way.

There will also be a little Q&A at the end.

Hope you can join us :)