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Resumes Are The Enemy Of Reinvention

Resumes Are The Enemy Of Reinvention

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Words like pivot, iterate, and nimble are used as admirable descriptors of a fast-growing startup that’s adapting to ever-changing market needs.

Unfortunately, the same rules do not apply to their candidates.

Startups are rewarded for growth with massive amounts of VC dollars betting on them being the 1 out of 10 that can actually create something the market cares about and generate a return.

But when it comes to candidates, they want to see stability.

Stability = predictable.

The optics of staying the course, consistency, and general sameness are rewarded.

Alternately, a candidate whose background exhibits the growth qualities that we so admire in startups is seen as risky––a cost instead of a worthwhile investment.

Here’s the point:

We need to stop penalizing those who are in professional growth mode.

And instead, start celebrating reinvention and granting access that enables upward mobility.

I get it. This doesn’t apply to every role.

But overall, it’s time that we see beyond the resume, and realize that in many cases, these are the people you want building your company.

There’s one thing that’s guaranteed––your company will continually change.

Don't you want people who are skilled at doing the same?