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Sell employer branding at a personal level

If you’re leading employer branding at a startup, you’re just as much a seller as you are a marketer.

The selling is just internal instead of external.

It’s your job to sell the value of employer branding at a 1-1 level with your CEO, Head of Operations, CFO, and individual function leaders.


  1. Schedule one on ones with each stakeholder to:

    • Educate them on what employer branding actually is 

    • Learn what matters most to them

  2. Speak their language.

    • You have to communicate impact at their level in a package they will understand.

    • Present employer branding as a way to help them get them more of what they want. 

  1. Start small

    • Execute on a small project first to prove results. Scale from there.

This needs to matter at a personal level.

And taking this micro approach to selling EB allows you to align with each stakeholder and impact both individual departments and the larger business across the board.