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Show what good looks like

Employer brand leaders––if getting senior-level buy-in has been challenging, show them examples of what good looks like.

Research your top 5 competitors and objectively audit their employer brand.

And leverage this data to show the gap between their brand and yours.

Content should tell a story AND provide the relevant information that candidates actually care about.

Use this EB/CX scorecard as a framework for your audits.

Be sure to place an emphasis on:

  1. Creativity

    • Do you feel inspired and compelled to learn more?

  1. Relevance

    • Is the content answering the questions you know a candidate cares about? Aka, are they actually speaking to the candidate?

  1. Brand voice and energy 

    • Do you feel like you know the company before you actually do? 

    • Can you feel their culture, style, and vibe in their copywriting and content? If so, that’s magic. 

  1. Authenticity

    • Are they telling the whole story and owning their challenges? Aka, an attract and repel mindset.

  1. The flow from research to content to application

    • Friction will destroy even the best creative work. 

Bonus: you will clarify your strategic content plan and prioritize which assets to focus on through market research—not assumptions.