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Solve interesting problems.

Solve interesting problems.

Startups—start from here with your recruiting, content, and job descriptions.

Seek problem solvers, not role fillers.

Don’t confine people to a role.

Problems change, roles don’t.

By hiring problem solvers, you gain access to incredibly smart and flexible talent that can adapt as business and product goals shift––which they inevitably will.

Hire role fillers and they will eventually become unfulfilled, bored, and irrelevant when the business shifts.

Smart people want to solve interesting problems.

And smart + flexible does not always equal role + resume.

As a company, you need to be flexible too.

Because there’s a good chance that you’re recruiting the wrong people.

Become known as the company that doesn’t just build the coolest things, but as the company that allows its people to solve the most interesting problems.

Do this successfully and you’ll never have to worry about your employer brand.

The word will get out.

And you will gain access to some of the best talent who’s feeling bored, stifled, and looking to be challenged.