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Something Has to Give

...if employer branding is going to be a reality
Something Has to Give

For employer branding to be a reality at your company, something has to give.

The pressures being put on recruiting teams as a result of massive hiring goals needs to be relieved.

If not, overworked, unfulfilled recruiters who are feeling stuck by doing work they don’t believe in will never be able to create the experience that candidates want.

They won’t even be able to see beyond the overwhelm.

Here’s the thing: It’s only about the candidate.

And if employer branding and candidate experience are to ever have a shot at success, you have to give someone autonomy, ownership, and most importantly the space to run with this stuff.

They can’t do both. This isn’t a “hybrid” role.

I’ve seen “hybrid” fail enough times to know that it doesn’t work. Nothing meaningful will get done without sole focus––especially not at scale.

The days of employer branding falling on the plate of someone who’s balancing ten other responsibilities are long gone.

If this is important to you, promote accordingly and quickly.

It’s time to empower someone.