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Are You Stuck On The Strategy Hampster Wheel?

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If you can’t create and distribute content at scale, you’re stuck on the strategy hampster wheel.

And employer branding is going to be really challenging.

20% of your time should be spent on strategy.

80% on execution.

If you’re stuck, here’s your strategy:

  1. Tell truly unique stories about your company and employees in audio, video, and written format that map to the things you know candidates care about.
  2. Share these stories in the places your candidates live online.

The rest of your “strategy” time should be spent on discovering what those stories are, who's telling them, in what format, and how and where they will be distributed.

Employer branding for fast-growing startups is about talent attraction. Period.

It's content marketing + recruiter enablement.

So if you’re leading these efforts you need to answer this question:

How do I create and distribute content at scale?

That’s it.

And there are four ways to do this:

  1. Build your own internal team of creatives and marketers.
  2. Partner with marketing.
  3. Outsource the creative and distribution.
  4. Inspire, train, and enable your leaders and employees to be co-creators and distributors.

Do any of these and you’re a need-to-have.

Do none and you’re a nice-to-have. Aka, irrelevant.