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Talent Marketing Metrics

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If you’re a Head of Talent or in-house recruiter who’s also responsible for Employer Branding, you have a distinct advantage:

You can measure what directly impacts hiring, and therefore, what influences business goals.

But first, ditch the Employer Branding terminology and start calling it Talent Marketing.

Sure, they’re just words. But they scream tactical and measurable.

Plus, it’s clear––everyone knows why you do marketing. It’ll enable others to actually care.

Now, on to Talent Marketing metrics:

New hires is your top-line metric.

But there are others that directly influence this overarching number. Here’s how to determine what matters:

  • Does the metric support recruiting outcomes?
  • Is the metric compelling to a CFO?
  • Is the metric reliable?
  • Is the metric useful for recruiting passive candidates?
  • Ease of measurement. (Can you get the number?)

[My two cents on what metrics matter]

Spoiler alert: number of applications isn’t one of them. Volume doesn’t matter. Only quality does.

Do this right, and volume drops.

Remember: Buy-in, budget, and cred come with things that make or save the company money.

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