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Technology Won't Solve Your Employer Branding Problem

Technology Won't Solve Your Employer Branding Problem

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Employer brand leaders aren’t suffering from a lack of technology.

They are bottlenecked by a lack of time, resources, and/or skill set to take information and turn it into relevant, compelling content that can be shared.

The questions are no longer “what is employer branding and why does it matter?”

They are now “what does this look like for our company and how do we create at scale?”

Creative capabilities and a clearly defined process answer these questions. Not technology.

Tools cannot create the process. They can only help to execute it.

Bottom line: An employee advocacy tool is useless when there’s no content to share.


P.S. James Hornick and I are coming in Live tomorrow (Thursday, 12/3) for our last Employer Content Show of 2020. This is a grab bag show fueled by questions you all submitted. Should be a fun one.

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