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The Best Emails Come From People, Not Companies

The Best Emails Come From People, Not Companies

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The best emails come from people, not companies.

B2B company newsletters and updates = Don’t really care.

But the same information communicated like a human from a human = You have a chance at grabbing my attention.

And if it comes from a person I know, you got me.

Yet in B2B, company-branded emails adorned with fancy graphic design are all the rage, only to be met with an instant delete and/or unsubscribe. (They’re largely a complete waste of time.)

Instead, what if these companies invested heavily in copywriting, ditched the templates and graphics, and sent the emails from someone whom their audience knows and trusts?

*If their audience doesn’t associate a human with their company, it’s time to get someone out there leading thought in their industry. It helps––a lot. This will generate more long-term awareness than any company newsletter ever will. Ok, I digress.

The fact that email communication hasn’t changed in B2B is a clear sign that “best practices” outweigh the value of connection.

So, if everyone is walking in the same direction, you should strongly consider running in the other.

P.S. Just for fun, here’s an idea for a feature release email. I know it needs some love, but feel free to run with it.