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When a Strategy Becomes Gospel

An exercise to help measure your level of dependency and risk.

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You’re currently doing something that drives more conversations, more revenue, more new hires than anything else. Chances are, every other tactic is a distant second.

This one thing works so well that it’s become a crutch. You’ve absolutely developed blind spots because of it. Some of you have even gone as far as adopting your strategy as gospel. That’s a dangerous place to be in.

Reliance at this level leads to laziness. It makes people dogmatic. You become vulnerable to that thing changing. And one day you might realize that the thick ice you’ve been running on is thawing beneath your feet.

None of this is news to you. You’re self-aware. You know what you’re doing. But your results—and let’s face it, your ego—allow you to kick the can down the road and avoid the discomfort of something new. So instead, you preach that this is the only way to the promised land.

Safe for now.

Instead, take that thing away. See what it opens up.

(Don’t worry, it’s just an exercise to help measure your level of dependency and risk.)

I’m currently doing this exercise myself. It’s eye-opening. It’s forcing me to see through my own BS and exposing our own vulnerabilities and blind spots. And as a result, we’re able to see new growth opportunities—because our senses aren’t numbed out by a self-created comfort zone.

A final thought:

The moment you become preachy about a strategy is the moment you need to stop and evaluate just how deep into the forest you’ve traveled. There’s an evolution to everything. It’s worth the effort to consistently examine if the hill you’ve been willing to die on is still the right hill.

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