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The employer branding–recruiting connection

It’s not uncommon to see a relational gap between marketing and sales.

But there’s no such thing as an employer branding–recruiting gap.


Because employer branding and recruiting aren’t competing against each other for status and acknowledgment. They see each other as two sides of the same coin.

Think of employer branding and recruiting as the heart (connection) and brains (execution) of your talent org. They have to function in unison or the system is inefficient at best and broken at worst.

Recruiting sources candidates, drives outbound, fields inbound, provides an amazing candidate experience, closes, and nurtures long-term relationships.

While employer branding is supporting and enabling these efforts by marketing content (everywhere) and leveraging employees and cultural storytelling to create awareness, attention, and trust––internally and externally.

This all sounds obvious––because it is.

And the fact that some companies still cannot get sales and marketing on the same page makes me scratch my head.

Something to think about if you’re a people-centric marketer looking to pivot your career ;)