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The Future State of Job Search: How Companies and Candidates Will Meet

The current recruiting model has created an imbalance of power that isn’t serving companies or candidates.

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Current state: Companies shine the spotlight on candidates.

Future state: Candidates shine the spotlight on companies.

Recruiting is plagued by information asymmetry. Job seekers want information before they apply, but companies almost never give it to them.

While job seekers are able to access all available inventory using job boards, there is no easy way to find insider information—like how companies operate, the real people a job seeker would work with, and answers to important questions—via a self serve process.

As a result, the current model has created an imbalance of power that isn’t serving companies or candidates.

Companies show zero respect for a candidates time, requiring them to opt-in to a conversation with no way of knowing if it will be productive and valuable.

Meanwhile, recruiters are spinning their wheels, sending spray and pray cold messages all to schedule redundant filtering conversations in hopes of finding that perfect match.

The entire process is as inefficient as it gets.

We need a paradigm shift in how job seekers and companies evaluate each other.

And it starts by removing all of the unnecessary friction.

[Sales teams — this applies to you too.]

Big news! I’ve co-launched a new podcast with Nathan Jefferson.

Who’s it for?

Anyone that touches recruiting: talent leaders, hiring managers, EB and recruitment marketing folks, and of course, recruiters.

Here’s the gist:

The recruiting space is having the wrong conversations.

Recruiters are spending their time sharing the latest hacks, shortcuts, tools, and tricks that all lead to scraping more contact data in order to spam people faster and easier.

Talent leaders, recruiters, and hiring managers aren’t talking about how they can become brand marketers, content creators, and distributors of information in order to create a modern candidate experience—one that aligns with market behavior, shows subject matter expertise, and ultimately creates brand cred within a target audience.

These are the types of things that Nathan and I have been talking about on random calls over the last two years. Now, we’re hitting record.

We’re shipping a new episode each week (with plans to expand).

Episode 1 is available. You can check it out + subscribe here:

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