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The One Objective of Employer Branding

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This is a longer post than usual. I wanted to make sure to cover both tactics and context. I hope you enjoy :)

If you lead employer branding at a growing startup, you have one core objective:

To generate qualified candidate interest that converts into hires.

Let’s not get touchy-feely here.

In practice, this means a whole lot more. It’s how you support and enable:

  • The organizational awareness, education, and support of employer branding: How it gets respect, trust, and budget.
  • Recruiter efficiency: How to get your recruiters to productive conversations ASAP!
  • A great CX: This is your brand experienced.
  • Content creation: What is the most practical way to transfer information?
  • Internal adoption by employees: Employee engagement.
  • Testing distribution of content: Recruitment marketing.
  • Data: New hires are your revenue metric. But that starts with whom your recruiters are talking to. Measure both. One influences the other.
  • Careers site/central content hub.

Every action you take needs to align with that one objective.

And that single objective is something that everyone can rally around:

It’s tangible. It’s understandable. And it’s valuable to the business.

Now, do you see why it makes absolutely no sense for employer branding to be led by a team of one who is overworked and underresourced?

For clarity, when I say generate interest, I mean lower volume, higher quality through both inbound and outbound channels. In most cases, at first, this will lean heavily towards outbound channels, mixed with some organic content marketing for awareness. Over time, this will shift to a more balanced inbound/outbound ratio.

In practice this looks like:

  1. Equipping your recruiters with tactical, heavily informed content that they can use in thoughtful outbound messages to increase reply rates and decrease screening call times.
  2. Using organic content marketing to create awareness that helps your recruiters start conversations faster and easier.

Eventually, your organic content will generate quality inbound. It just takes time, effort, and patience. This is the long-game we talk about.