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The Realities of Creating Authentic Content

The Realities of Creating Authentic Content

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Authenticity is a highly agreeable topic in the employer branding space.

But the reality is that most companies aren’t ready to produce this type of content.

They like the idea, but fear blocks their full execution.

So we see the polished version of authenticity that’s been approved by marketing and PR.

If you’re leading employer branding and finding yourself pleading with your company to tell a more authentic story, see this as a process––a way to make incremental progress.

Here’s an approach:

Think and act like a journalist. And it all starts with asking great questions that pull out the information you know your candidates are craving for.

Here are some examples to get your wheels turning:

  • Why do team members stay at the company?
  • For the business to be more effective, what needs to improve?
  • Do you have direct competitors? How do you stack up?
  • How well do you pay compared to industry standards?
  • Zoom forward two years. The business is dead. Why?

Start with great questions. And over time, telling the unpolished, real story will just be part of the process.


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