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The ROI of Humanness

The ROI of Humanness

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As consumers of things and jobs, we love brands that act normal –– the ones that leave posturing, over professionalism, and optics at the door.

Whether it’s communicating your corporate brand, employer brand, personal brand –– an email to a prospect, a note to a client, a social post, or an ad –– humanness connects us.

And that connection builds equity.

It’s relatable. It’s comforting. And it draws us in.

And as businesses who need to make money, we need to understand the strategic value (dare I say ROI?) of communicating like a person, and not like a company.

Unfortunately, these types of brands are rare birds in the B2B space.

What’s that really mean?

It means there’s wide-open territory for any B2B brand, in any vertical, to connect with their audiences on a whole new level regardless of how boring or old school their industry might be.

B2B –– I’m not saying go full t-shirt mode. Just lose the tie and untuck

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