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The three content distribution channels for B2B tech startups

If you’re leading employer branding at a B2B tech startup, you likely have three content distribution channels:

  1. Outbound messages from your recruiters.
  2. Organic LinkedIn: company page, your recruiters, and your employees.
  • Yes, your customers care about how you treat people. It’s ok to share social channels with marketing. It will only support their efforts.
  • Empower your employees and leaders to become brand marketers. Let them off-leash. See Madison Butler.
  1. Engineering blog.

You have to create content that enables these channels:

  1. Short-form authentic video.

  2. Long-form written content: culture, leadership, and employee stories.

    • Great links for outbound messaging and placed throughout the candidate experience to guide the journey.

    • Extremely flexible content: chop each blog post into 3-5 social cards that drive awareness back to the piece that then drives to your careers page. 

  3. An engineering blog is your best long-term brand strategy for attracting tech talent.

    • Invest now. Be consistent. And build a following. It will pay off big time in 12-18 months (if not sooner). 

    • If your engineers won’t commit to writing, outsource it. It’s well worth the investment. A ghostwriter can interview your engineers every month and write on their behalf. 

Simplify your distribution strategy and focus where it counts.