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This Is Still One of the Best Pieces of Recruiting Content I’ve Seen

Why documenting your work is the ultimate form of recruiting content.

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To this day, Loom's "Why we recorded 200 Loom videos to hire one teammate" is one of the best pieces of recruiting content I’ve seen.

Why it’s so good:

1. They documented actual work: they showed how they did something real and the impact it had on the business.

2. They “projectized” hiring: project owner, team, regular standups.

3. They used their own product.

4. They personalized cold outreach at scale.

5. It’s simple: zero fluff, lots of transparency.

6. They connected directly with their target market: product people would love this because product people love using Loom.

7. They paid it forward: Loom documented the process as a way to help other startups that are also facing hiring challenges.

Show, don’t tell. It wins.

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