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This Isn’t About Marketing vs. Employer Branding

This Isn’t About Marketing vs. Employer Branding

This isn’t about Marketing vs. Employer Branding.

This isn’t about scaling culture vs. revenue.

Both really matter.

This is a PSA for alignment and balance.

It’s about having the mindset and perspective that people are the builders. And because of them, you scale.

The competition to find the talent, to build the thing, to grow the business, to raise the next round is a very real challenge growth-stage startups face.

Yet, the reality at these companies is:


  • Built-in credibility
  • Supported by leadership
  • Own their own budget
  • Have a team and resources

Employer Branding:

  • Led by someone who’s also balancing 10 other things
  • Little to no support at the top
  • Little to no budget
  • Little to no creative resources
  • Limited ability to execute properly or at any scale

So if you believe that talent is the true driver of growth, it makes sense that there should be a healthier balance of resources and support between these two functions.

And if not, there needs to at least be a level of organizational self-awareness and honesty about which is the real priority.