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Top of the Funnel Pre-Screening in Job Applications

A guest post by Vahan Melkonyan

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This is a guest post by Vahan Melkonyan, Co-founder and CEO of Cauldron, a platform that allows companies to create custom job application flows, reduce 90% of screening & interviewing time, and guarantee amazing application experiences. It’s pretty cool.

Vahan and I met on LinkedIn and quickly aligned on the need for more filters at the top of the recruiting funnel as a way to weed out unqualified candidates. I’ve asked him to share more on this topic.


If you've ever had to hire for entry-to-mid level roles, you're aware of the uncertainties it brings:

  1. Too many resumes, too little information to go on.
  2. Can't trust resume information to be accurate.
  3. Having to settle with systems that introduce bias and errors.
  4. Can't meet with all candidates that look good on paper.
  5. Overbooked hiring managers with weeks upon weeks of interviews.

A simple trick to solve all of these problems is to introduce friction at the job application level and reward the candidates who show commitment at that stage.

Putting pre-screening questions or even short tasks at the front of the funnel makes it easy to identify committed applicants and their skill levels in an instant and fast-forward to the interviews.

The candidates, on the other hand, are given a clear indication of needed qualifications and a chance to show off their skills, eliminating the anxiety and uncertainty that is associated with job applications.

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