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Ungated: Moving Interviews to the Top of the Funnel With Content

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Modern talent marketing is about finding a way to convey the spirit of a job interview––the context, the information, the humanness, the depth, the transparency––at scale before a candidate applies.

It’s not about gating this information behind applications and 1:1 conversations.

The mindset: Move interviews to the top of the funnel with content.

There are a number of ways to do this:

  • A robust candidate FAQ.
  • Video interviews with hiring managers and recruiters answering the questions that candidates routinely ask during the interview process––especially on screening calls.
  • A cheat sheet for landing a job at your company.
  • Persona-based one-pagers.

Regardless of how it’s packaged, ungating the information that is traditionally reserved for formal interviews means more conversations with the right candidates.

It means shorter screening call times.

It means efficiency and therefore lower costs.

And it means a dramatically improved, candidate-friendly experience.

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These are examples of moving the interview to the top of the funnel with video content: