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Using Slack to Create Employee-Generated Content

Give a real look at how your people think about the work they’re doing and the culture they’re doing it in without costing you a lot of time and money.

1-minute read

Here’s a simple mechanism for getting your people talking about the interesting things they’re doing at your company—and how to turn it into low-lift, high-impact recruiting content:

  1. Create an “interesting questions” Slack channel. (This can be done at the team level or company-wide.)
  2. Choose a cadence: 1X per week, 2-3X per week, daily
  3. Each day you’ll post a thoughtful question that’s in the spirit of “what, why, and how” your people are doing, building, making, and creating at your company.
  4. The response(s) with the most “Likes” (aka the most unique/interesting) get shared externally everywhere your candidate audience spends time online.

Tip: Start with written responses and graduate into video. Writing is generally more comfortable for employees and it will get this off the ground faster.

*You can go next level and choose someone to host short Q&A interviews with employees using the questions as prompts. Record, clip, distribute.

This type of employee-generated content is way more authentic, interesting, and relevant—to your candidates and employees—than recording videos on some app talking about how much you love working at your company. It gives a real look at how your people think about the work they’re doing and the culture they’re doing it in.

And in addition to creating compelling social media content, questions and responses can turn into an ongoing culture blog, team-specific publications (on Medium for example), and candidate FAQs.

Bonus: Getting your employees engaging with thought-provoking questions, reflecting on how they’re contributing, and allowing them to see how their peers are also showing up doubles as an incredible culture-building tool—something that’s desperately needed in remote and hybrid companies.

  • Cost to you: Low — the cost of Slack + your time to create questions and repurpose content
  • ROI: Huge from a content, branding, and employee engagement standpoint

This is just the framework. It can get a lot more creative and fun.


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