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Volume Is Not Your Friend

Volume Is Not Your Friend

If you’re leading employer branding and want to be a hero to your recruiting team, decrease their volume of candidates.

Volume is not your friend in recruiting.

You don’t have time to talk to the wrong people.

So here’s the exercise: How can you get candidates to opt-out before they apply?

Hint: Just tell the truth. All of it. Through content.

Using content as a filter at the top of the funnel needs to be embraced as standard practice.

It’s no longer just an exciting idea.

It’s mandatory if you want to optimize for quality and make your recruiter’s lives a lot easier.

If you do this right, you will see a significant decrease in the number of candidates applying and an increase in recruiter efficiency and happiness.

It sounds counterintuitive. But less is the goal.

Start there. See what happens ;)


If you’re interested in hearing the full discussion, check out the interview I did with Anthony Vaughan on his E1B2 podcast.