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We Need More Candidate Advocates

We Need More Candidate Advocates

There’s a fundamental problem with job boards and recruitment platforms –– they’re advocating for the company, not the candidate.

And companies just follow along, never questioning this.

In an industry where companies are shelling out tens of thousands of dollars to be promoted on these platforms and being sold on faster, smarter, better solutions all focused on making the company better, who’s creating anything for the candidates here?

The answer is nobody.

And that’s a big problem when they’re claiming that talent is the greatest asset, yet the tools are saying that candidates are just a number.

The outliers are companies that are taking control of their brand and creating an alternate, exponentially better experience by giving candidates what they actually want––relevant, personalized, and transparent information in the simplest possible formats.

It’s time for companies to go rogue and say no to these overpriced platforms that produce poor results and even poorer experiences, and yes to content, clear communication, and no BS information.

Take control and design your own experience. The one you believe in.

Start creating like candidate advocates.

These are the types of evergreen content pieces that I’m referring to in the video. IMO, these are must-have’s for every company: