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We're Longing For Less Friction

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I’m still amazed at the amount of friction in most B2B buying experiences.

This disconnect between the sales experience and modern buyer behavior has to come down to one of two things:

  1. Companies (and their sales leaders) pay zero attention to how they themselves buy things––or want to.
  2. They actually do pay attention, actually do see this disconnect, and still don't care. Because somehow their thing is the outlier that needs to be sold differently.

Individually, each is naive, short-sighted, and displays a lack of self-awareness.

And this unwillingness to simply create the process that buyers want has turned B2B into a car buying experience where you don’t want to even walk on the lot anymore.

Which raises the question – Why are we creating things with such complexity that they would require so many decision-makers and so many touchpoints?

Is there a chance that we’re over-creating and over-complicating our products?

We only use a fraction of the tools in our stack as it is.

And of the ones that we do use, we only utilize a fraction of their features.

This feels counterintuitive when all we really want is simplicity in our products and experiences.

So while we long for less friction, things just seem to be getting more complex.