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What do candidates want?

Part 1: Sales People

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Create content that gives candidates the information they want—before they apply.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. But how do I get this so-called “information?”, you say.

It’s simple. You ask for it.

James Hornick and I had an idea: Let’s break down the primary candidate personas in individual episodes on The Employer Content Show.

We’ll do the heavy lifting, conduct the research, and share our findings so talent marketers can have a running start when creating content.

Salespeople are up first. And we’d love your help.

If you’re in a client-facing role—Sales, CS, AM, or Leadership—we’d be super grateful if you took a quick minute to fill out this survey.

(Not you, but you know someone who could help? Please forward this along.)

No personal data is collected.

Thank you! Your input will help improve how candidates and companies meet.

We’ll be sharing our results publicly and they are yours to use however you like.

Much more to come...

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