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What I Really Mean When I Say "Employer Branding"

What I Really Mean When I Say "Employer Branding"

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When I say “Employer Branding” what I’m really talking about are:

  • Recruiter enablement
  • Candidate experience

Let’s break those down:

Recruiter enablement: Giving your recruiters the content they need in order to meet candidates with relevant information at every step of the process. And as a result, have fewer, more productive conversations with more of the right people.

Candidate experience: Meeting your candidates with information that answers their most pressing questions at every step of the process––from awareness to offer.

So, to stay relevant and have a positive impact on the business, the questions Employer Brand leaders need to be asking are:

  • What is going to help our recruiters have faster, better, more productive conversations?
  • What is going to help our candidates have the most informed experience?
  • How do we create that?

Culture content is good. But micro-branding is better. Because it’s relatable.

Think in terms of audience and information.

Get as granular as you can and you will create filters, enable your recruiters, and provide much-needed evolution to the way you and your candidates meet and engage.

Bottom line: Providing relevant information both at the top of the funnel and throughout the hiring process wins.

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