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What if Marketing and EB Where One Unified Function?

What if Marketing and EB Where One Unified Function?

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Instead of thinking in terms of “employer brand” and “corporate brand”, what if we saw this as two parts of one team that’s responsible for taking internal information and communicating it to the outside world?

Employer branding is just branding. Corporate branding is just branding.

It's all one big movement towards awareness.

They're just responsible for speaking to different sides of the market.

The CMO of the Product org could sit with the CMO of the People org under one function, while both work closely with Sales and TA respectively.

This could:

  • Eliminate the disconnect (and battle) between Marketing and EB.
  • Align the brand message.
  • Allow the co-creation of campaigns, initiatives, and content.
  • Create common goals that impact the bottom line.
  • Unlock resources: people, creative, and money.
  • Most importantly: Finally give EB the respect it deserves internally.

I won’t pretend to have all the answers, but I think it’s worth exploring.

James Hornick and I gotcha covered:

The Employer Content Show – Ep. 14

Topic: Is Employer Brand Still Relevant?

When: Wednesday, 3/17 at 12:00pm PT

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