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What Is Employer Branding Anyway?

What Is Employer Branding Anyway?

Your employer brand exists regardless of what you do about it.

It’s what your candidates, employees, and now buyers believe true or not about what it’s like to work at your company.

And this perception exists mostly out of your control.

It’s being determined by how you treat people.

Unfortunately, most companies are failing to take any level of initiative over their brand perception in the market.

This is your opportunity to influence the perception––inspiring thoughtful decision making, productive conversations, and bringing intention and structure to what is otherwise randomness.

Here’s the thing, candidates don’t know who you are. They aren’t searching for your career site.

So what are you doing to share the real story?

With employees being part of the creative process, you’ll get support and buy-in outside of the EB bubble, including invaluable support from your fellow function leaders.

Employer branding is no longer something that just sits in TA.

This is a company-wide, culture unifying initiative as much as it is a TA lever.

But if the mindset at the top isn’t there, and employer branding isn’t supported at the founder level, it’ll be an uphill climb.

And potentially a lost cause altogether.