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What makes you so you?

The brands you love have an identity that’s personal to you.

They have depth.

You’re not setting out to build the brand everyone cares about.

You’re setting out to build the brand that your community cares about.

And yes, your goal is to build a community––not an audience.

Ask: What makes you so you?

Identify that. It’s what makes you special.

And it’s the foundation you build everything off of.

Then promote the hell out of this internally and externally.

And create a rallying cry around your promise––not your product.

Let’s look at an example.

Twitch isn’t a gaming company, they are a community. And in many ways, the pulse of the internet. They have a tribe––a loyal following that identifies with their brand.

This type of connection with their employees, creators, and fans is invaluable. It’s something that unites everyone, across the world, internally and externally.