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What You Can't See Matters More

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Here’s what you can’t see:

Sharing Seth Godin’s recent post with my wife because she’s struggling with something that Seth’s wisdom will lend perspective to.

Recommending people to follow on LinkedIn over virtual coffee because they have can’t miss content.

Enthusiastically sharing tools, resources, brands, and podcasts in offline conversations because I can’t hold the excitement in.

When you believe (keyword) in the power of awareness, wins are different.

Receiving an email from a person who never engages with your content saying, "I've been following you for 6 months and share your posts with my team" matters more than Likes, clicks, views, or even leads (See most SaaS lead gen and you’ll understand what I mean.)

Because you’re having an impact.

Here's the thing––practitioners understand this.

They trust that the most important things are happening in the background, outside of their dashboards.

So they go all-in on creating connection.

Non-practitioners like to focus only on numbers. Because numbers feel safe.

And it's easier to sit on the sidelines, analyze data, and shit on branding than do the work that creates the value that actually matters.