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Why are Job Seekers Bypassing Your Recruiters?

This is a guest post by James Hornick, partner at Hirewell, a Chicago-based recruitment firm, and co-founder of Careerwell, a career development and search firm for candidates.

Beyond this, James is one of the smartest recruiters and marketers I know––someone I go to often for industry insights and perspectives. I highly encourage you to follow his content on LinkedIn.


You’ll be surprised what you learn when you take a step back and talk to people.

Case in point: in speaking with a few job seekers recently, I learned that if you’re interested in a company, contacting their internal recruiters is a waste of time.

Wait, what?

That’s the word on the street anyway. If you’re proactively reaching out to a company, but they don’t have an opening where you check every box...skip the recruiters and go directly to hiring managers. Easier path to success.

For companies, that’s a problem. It indicates a larger issue: recruiters tend to serve tactical, reactionary roles. When hiring managers have a need, they go on a fire drill to fill it.

It’s obviously an inefficient way to grow a company.

Internal recruitment should be more strategic. Not just immediate needs, but building long term pipelines and proactively fostering relationships.

So why isn’t this already happening?

In many companies, internal TA doesn’t have proper insight into the business deliverables. You can’t understand the ‘intangibles’ a team needs if you aren’t included, and more importantly, invested in the success of those initiatives.

So when you look how you utilize your recruiters, ask yourself: do you need them to just fill your positions? Or to grow your organization?