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Why Branding Matters

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Why branding matters:

When it's good, salespeople and recruiters are running downhill––and have the space to create an experience that buyers and candidates love.

When it’s absent, they are stuck building pipeline through brute force.*

Branding is just enablement for revenue and talent.

And it won’t happen overnight. You’re building something.

But agreeable talking points like this don’t help anyone when they aren’t rooted in reality and practicality.

So here’s the reality and what I see as the most practical approach to shifting from force to brand:

The reality:

No startup will go all-in on brand. Cool.

A practical approach:

Just commit to the transition. Start doing a little more of the new and a little less of the old.

Over time, the ratio shifts. And so does your awareness.

I’m not asking you to stop what you’re doing. I’m just asking you to invest a little less in today, and a little more in tomorrow.


*Cold outbound to people who don’t want to hear from you, combined with low-quality inbound leads, is the sales and recruiting playbook at most B2B SaaS startups.