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Why Employer Branding Isn't Helping Recruiters

20-second read (+watch the video: 2:19)

For startups, outbound recruiting isn’t going away anytime soon.

Most engineers and salespeople don’t know about your company. And job boards, review sites, and third-party content platforms aren’t producing quality inbound––especially from senior-level candidates.

So while outbound is your number one channel for quality control, why are you not investing everything into making it easier for your recruiters to start more conversations with the right candidates?

This means creating highly tactical content that can be distributed directly to your candidates by your recruiters to help:

  1. Increase response rates to outbound messages.
  2. Reduce screening call times.

This isn’t spending tons of money creating fancy culture pages on “employer branding” platforms. It’s not an EVP. It’s not some overly produced culture video.

It’s consumable information that’s intentionally designed to answer the questions your candidates have running through their minds.

Outbound is your content channel. And your recruiters are your best distributors.

It’s time for employer branding to become an actual talent partner by aligning with the way you interact with your audience: through your recruiters.