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Recruiters Are in Fact Marketers

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Recruiters aren’t marketers.

Here’s why this is a shallow argument:

For most companies, recruiters don’t have marketing support the way that salespeople do.

And because salespeople have marketing, they can operate differently.

So saying that recruiters aren’t marketers is ignoring 1) the realities of talent org structure and 2) how today’s candidate wants to find their next opportunity.

And until the recruiting industry modernizes, recruiters have to play both roles––top of the funnel brand marketer + savvy closer.

Here’s the cool thing:

By becoming an effective brand marketer, you’re setting yourself up to move into a much more creative role.

And as companies catch on, creative talent roles will open up.

Develop these skills now and you will become a linchpin.

The market is only going in one direction.

Either flow with it or continue being the order-taker that is quickly becoming dispensable.