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Why Startups Will Change Employer Branding

Why Startups Will Change Employer Branding

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As more early and mid-stage startups begin embracing the idea of employer branding, it’s important that they understand what this looks like and how to execute in a way that makes sense to them.

What this looks like:

Creating audio, video, and written content at scale and marketing it to their candidates wherever they spend time online (and off).

A marketer sees this and thinks “No shit!”

A Head of Talent sees this and thinks “I want that!”

An employer branding traditionalist sees this and thinks “Wait, but what about…?”

That’s why employer branding lags behind marketing.

There’s too much “Wait, but…”

And not enough Create –> Experiment –> Learn –> Create.

Startups are set to change this.

How to execute:

Hire someone to own EB full-time who 1) thinks like a marketer, and 2) has access to creative resources (internal and agency).

Let them move fast, learn by doing, and allow the execution to guide the strategy.

More on org structure tomorrow :)

P.S. Here’s an example:

Recently, I started taking screenshots of Slack messages and using them in posts as examples of unique things that we do as a company.

That’s employer branding. It’s free. It’s simple. And it’s on-brand.

Don’t overcomplicate this. Just try things.