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Why We Never Plan On Hiring Another Salesperson

Why We Never Plan On Hiring Another Salesperson

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We never plan on hiring another salesperson––only brand marketers.

Because it doesn’t fit our model.

Our mindset is that lead generation is earned. It’s not a right.

And that it’s the result of:

  • Creating value without expectation of return.
  • Inspiring thought.
  • Taking really good care of people.
  • Creating content that is designed to inform, not convert.
  • Allowing awareness to generate the interest.
  • Doing great work that people want to share and tell others about.

Anything else would go against our belief that brand drives sales.

Not cold outbound.

Not spamming prospects with DM’s.

Not conversion marketing.

This doesn’t mean that we’re not selling.

It just means that we only take an approach that aligns with our buyer’s behavior.

I hope this can serve as inspiration for any business leaders who’ve been thinking about this.

It’s possible.

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