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Why We Use Storytelling

A guest post by Adam Rosenfield

This is a guest post by Adam Rosenfield. If you don’t follow Adam on LinkedIn, start. Like now. Before you read any further.

His posts cover everything from incredibly important DEI and HR topics to leadership musings and sports analogies. Every post hits home.

For over a year, Adam has been on my list of the 15 people who I follow regularly on LinkedIn. I just cannot say enough good things about this guy.

Ok, enough from me.


Why do we use storytelling as a means of content production?

We tell stories to promote ourselves, or the accomplishments of our companies.

We tell stories to educate and inform the masses on trends.

We tell stories to build brand awareness and thought leadership in our industry.

We tell stories for one purpose. Build relationships with our audience.

The problem? Many companies do not think about the storytelling nature of content.

Rather, they put pieces out there for likes and clicks. There’s no meaning, purpose, rhyme, or reason behind it.

An employee brand isn’t transactional.

Neither is a recruitment strategy.

Your marketers and recruiters have to be storytellers, bringing to life the employees of your company, the work you do, and how it impacts the greater good.

You might not be Facebook, Google, Netflix, Amazon, or one of those other companies featured on every tech magazine imaginable.

But understanding your story and how it relates and enhances a candidate’s own story when it comes to recruitment and growing your brand can go a long way in establishing your own company as an employer of choice.